Nise Wave – As Seen on KickStarter

Ever wanted to create a home cooked meal but lacked the time do the actual cooking part? A new project by the name of Nise Wave, has the ability to solve this issue. The product has well over exceeded it’s pledge backing goal of 35K and has received over 90K in backing funds and has... More

Best Virtual Reality Headsets for iPhones

Do you have an iPhone and wish enjoy virtual reality? Well, good news, there are quite a few virtual reality headsets to choose from that were specifically designed and developed for iPhones. Because Apple is one of the biggest mobile device brands in the world and the number of iPhone users is on the rise, it was only... More

10 Smart Ways to Cut Costs at The Grocery Store

Do you have a ‘latte factor’ that needs to be re-examined? The ‘latte factor’ is the mindless habit of spending money on everyday things like a gourmet coffee or eating out. Before you know it, that daily coffee can cost you $1,800 per year without adding much nutritional value to your diet. The good news... More

Gift Ideas for Older Brothers

Brothers are like buddies and they also act as your guardian. You share some of the best times of your life with your brother. There may be a fight between you, differences but most importantly, there is undying love between you two you cannot deny. You may at times, want to make your brother happy... More

Best Plants for Air Purification

For ages, houseplants have been used to decorate the house both inside and around it. Lately, however, there are plants which not only lend a modern look to your house but also purify the air indoors allowing you to have a fresh home. According to research studies, some plants can eliminate up to 89% of... More

10 Tips For Being A Smart and Safe Consumer

One goal we have when we shop is to be able to save money on the purchases we make. But we all face the challenge of making sure that when we spend our money, we are also doing so wisely and safely. Recently, the fallout on product recalls, scams and shoddy workmanship have led to finger pointing,... More