What It Is and How It Works

Research into the benefits of cannabinoids on human health has been revealing some truly fascinating details. While the biggest discoveries have been that cannabinoids can help to treat pain, anxiety,

What Is It and What Does It Do?

That feeling of heat that you get whenever you sprinkle a little black pepper on your food is universal. Yet while spice is nice when it comes to improving the flavor of what you eat, there’s more at

What Is CBD? A Primer

While it’s just one of the many organic compounds that make up cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD) has certainly become the one that’s the most well-known and most talked about. Yet even though CBD has become

Terpenes and the Role They Play in Cannabis

Like all flowering plants, cannabis gives off a very distinctive aroma. This scent changes from one strain to another in subtle and various ways, and besides a visual inspection of the plant itself, i

Understanding the Endocannabinoid System

Modern medical research into the effects of cannabis has revealed that its organic compounds, known collectively as cannabinoids, have possibly dozens of therapeutic uses, from treating anxiety to pai

Magnesium and Sleep – What Does the Science Say?

It’s very common to have trouble sleeping. If you have insomnia, you know how hard it is to break that cycle. There are dozens of things you might have tried; reducing your caffeine intake, trying to

Mental Health Statistics UK 2021

Mental Health has become a significant topic around the UK recently. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many people, both negatively and positively, mental health wise. However, according to our surve