12 Days of Gifts for Modern Consumers: Day 3 – Kids Accessories

On the Third day of Christmas my true love sent to me… Kids Accessories! (It rhymes.. go with it.) When it comes to Christmas, kids wait all year for Santa to bring them awesome toys and gifts. So why not put a sparkle in their eyes with some awesome tech, gadgets, toys, and accessories? Also, we have to admit, even as adults we still want most of these goodies too..


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“Many smartwatches track exercise and calories, but now a new wristband allows parents to keep tabs on their children.”  Tinitell is a “wristphone” for kids! Call or position Tinitell while travelling or at home. This is a cute, simple phone GPS tracker and security wearable for kids. It comes in four colors at a price of $149 USD. It’s a quick set up with any Micro SIM card from any operator that has a 2G network. Then to use Tinitell, you pair it with the Tinitell app for Android or iOS. It’s water resistant and made to last. Security is a key feature, so ONLY approved contacts can locate or call the Tinitell.

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Cardboard fort kits

Sometimes kids get fancy, flashy toys but end up playing with the box. Imaginations run wild with forts! So, give kids the gift of building and playing with a Cardboard Fort-Building Kit. Boxly, a successful Kickstarter, is a great example. Check out their mantra,

“We created Boxly, a 100% recyclable fort building kit that allows kids to build their own life-size structures, giving them creative license over their space. Boxly is a toy where assembly is required, but instructions are not. It has the familiarity of a cardboard box without the constraining shape or size. This helps kids develop spatial awareness and encourages them to think outside of the box, literally.”

You can get Boxly here!


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Kinetic Creatures

Something similar to the fort building above, but with an extra dose of awesome, are Kinetic Creatures – Walking Cardboard Animal Kits! Kinetic Creatures are a set of three walking cardboard animal sculptures. The Creatures, Elly the Elephant, Rory the Rhino, and Geno the Giraffe, are each made up of cardboard pieces that you assemble using tabs-and-slots. By turning the wire handle, you make the creatures come alive with a simple mechanical motion. Pick these up here for Christmas!
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Fun and Functional! ERNIT is a cute reimagination of the piggy bank. Teach your kids to save money! This successful Kickstarter was created to help teach children about being smart with money, and to give. The crowdfunding page notes,

“ERNIT is a piggy bank for the modern family. All of our backers want to teach children how to be smart about money. ERNIT does this with a digital heart that connects it to an app which the whole family can use to spark the vital conversation about digital money early on. Pledgers will be the first to teach their children with the first limited batch of ERNIT – the piggy bank of the future. “Learning should come as soon as children start receiving money, for example, from the Tooth Fairy.” – Professor Annamaria Lusardi, The George Washington University School of Business.”

Learn more here!


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Wallet Drone

Drones are the new trend for 2015. So, why not treat your little one to a little drone? Axis came out with the tiniest quadcopter! This tiny Quadcopter Docks and Charges INSIDE of a Wallet Sized Controller that Fits In Your Pocket – for $45 USD! Snag one here and get flying!



Waterproof iPad case

Kids today are growing up with tech, from laptops and learning tools to smartphones and tablets. These gadgets are expensive and delicate, which doesn’t exactly match up with the idea of “child friendly”. But there are many accessories out there to avoid drops, spills, and accidents. A great example is a waterprood iPad case! One of our favorite brands is the LifeProof case:

Water Proof, Dirt Proof, Drop Proof, and Snow Proof! So get out there and stop worrying.


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