7 Swans-a-Swimming – Vacation themed tech Christmas gifts

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, seven swans a swimming and vacation themed tech Christmas gifts! Seriously, a trip sounds nice this time of year. What are we thinking, a sandy beach or a cozy weekend on the slopes?

Either way, we’ve got you covered when it comes to tech Christmas gifts for the ultimate holiday getaway, check it out!

1. Do you love winter activities, but hate the wind, rain, and being just down right cold in general? Not to worry, the world’s first heated jacket has arrived, and arrived in style if I do say so myself. Introducing the Ravean Heated Jacket, “one jacket for all seasons.” Interesting to say the least.

       tech Christmas gifts

Equipped with heated pockets, temperature controls, self-drying capabilities, this jacket takes care of  just about all of your weather related needs. Have your choice between a stylish hoodie or a light weight down jacket, made in both men and women’s styles.

tech Christmas gifts

The makers of the Ravean Jacket pledge comfort to customers at temperatures ranging from -4 degrees, to 55 degrees.

Tackle those mountains, take on that ski trail, if you are destined for a trip this holiday season, this jacket may just be your new best friend. Can you say goodbye to tangled layers, and hello to the Ravean? I sure can.

tech Christmas gifts

2. Now, this shouldn’t come as a shock to most of you, there are few things more frustrating then arguing with your loved ones during your “relaxing” family vacation. This year arrive in style and avoid the infamous “who stole my phone charger,” battle.

How will you this, you ask, with more tech Christmas gifts! This time, with individualized leather IPhone charging cables. Take a look at the popular and fully launched Kick Stater project: Esbee Cables. It’s durable, it’s handmade, it’s sleek, and it is the new IPhone charger just for you.

tech Christmas gifts

Avoid easily torn, damaged, or tangled IPhone cables. Not to mention, taking an extra safety measure during your travels. Exposed wires never lead to good things. Treat yourself to a luxurious but functional, and might I add affordable, gift this Christmas.

tech Christmas gifts

3. Okay leader of the pack, holder of the family plane tickets, and person in charge if something goes terribly wrong with the travel itinerary, things are about to get easier for you. Allow me to introduce to you, the magnetic MacBook Sleeve Pocket by Aecraft.

tech Christmas gifts

With a single opening accompanied by the use of magnets, your items stay in place as you continue on the move. Did I mention there is no zipper on the case? Say goodbye to scratches. Take a look at the top notch materials used to make the MacBook sleeve pockets according to Aecraft.

  • Hand made in Belgium
  • South African 100% premium and natural Merino wool felt
  • Full-grain Norwegian leather

tech Christmas gifts

4. It’s true, you can have too much fun in the sun. On the bright side (get it?), now you can measure your sun intake and redeem the many health benefits that the sun does has to offer, without worrying about overexposure.

The next item on your tech Christmas gifts, for the travel buffs, list is the SunFriend Wearable UV Tracker.

tech Christmas gifts

With the SunFriend, you can increase your Vitamin D levels and monitor your sun exposure, all you have to do is put on your SunFriend, and set your skin tone.

After that, the SunFriend will take care of the rest, by alerting you with flashing notifications when your optimal sun intake has been reached. The SunFriend comes in a variety bright colors in both children and adult sizes. Don’t forget, if you see the flashing lights, its time for some sun screen.

tech Christmas gifts

5. So what if lounging at the beach or pool just isn’t your thing? Don’t worry, we thought of some gift gear for the do-it-all vacation adventurers too. Biking, hiking, walking, running, you can’t let your luggage hold you down, right? You need a reliable, durable, and easily transportable bag for all of your adventure necessities. You need  a cycling backpack.

Check out a few of these sporty designs, available on rei.com.


tech Christmas gifts

You know what they say, when on vacation, keep your family close and your water closer. Okay, so no one really says that, but in this case it makes sense. With cycling backpacks you can keep your water, mobile devices, and other necessities right on your back. If your up for the adventure, cycling bags are here to help.

tech Christmas gifts

Day dreaming of the perfect holiday trip yet?

Me too, let us know what you think of our tech Christmas gifts for the vacation bound, and if your going somewhere, take us with you!

Keep an eye out for what the 8th day of Christmas has to bring to you modern consumers!



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