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Adjustable Laptop Desk Stand: Your Neck Can Finally Have a Rest

I believe everybody who has worked in the office has experienced the neck (or shoulder) pain from staring at the computer all day. Take short breaks in between and do some stretches. Our body needs some relaxation as well. Aside from doing simple workouts, we can also release our working stress by using the adjustable laptop desk stand. Let’s check out some Amazon top seller laptop stands!


Adjustable Laptop Desk Stand from Amazon


1. Basic Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand ($16.83)

adjustable laptop desk stand - basic

This basic ventilated laptop stand helps to cool down our computer from running millions of programs every day. The steady steel holds our computer well, and the adjusting platform makes it easy for typing and reading.


2. Portable Adjustable Laptop Stand ($49.99)

adjustable laptop desk stand - adjustable

A laptop stand can easily become a multifunctional desk. For instance, this portable laptop table not only stands perfectly on the office desk, but also can act a projector holder at home, or even a dinner tray if needed. Its fully adjustable legs rotate and lock in places at all angles. You can literally place your devices in every position.


3. Gaming Adjustable Laptop Cooler ($22.99)

adjustable laptop desk stand - cooler

If you are a heavy gamer or programmer, this laptop cooler will be your best friend. There are overall 5 fans in this one cooler: 4 outered and 1 large centered one. The front display screen shows information about different cooling modes, and you can press the button control to switch to the one that fits you the best. It also has 5 different tilting positions.


4. Monitor Stand Riser ($20.99)

adjustable laptop desk stand - bed stand

By simply removing or adding the leg segments, you can adjust the height of this monitor stand to 2.7, 4.1, and 5.6 inches. Its medium-density fireboard platform and ABS plastic legs easily hold up to 22 lbs devices, such as laptops, printers, etc. There is also a multifunctional slot at the front so that you can store any related accessories there.


5. Sit-to-Stand Rolling Adjustable Laptop Cart ($67.06)

adjustable laptop desk stand - rolling

This rolling laptop stand is good for both at home and work. Use it as a normal desk when doing your work, and adjust the height to your standing position when needing a short break. There is also an open-spaced storage shelf at the bottom of the stand, making it a great place to organize your paper and files.


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