spring break ideas

Spring Break Ideas: Travel Easier

It’s about that time! Time to load up that suitcase, throw on a bathing suite, and ditch our ever so frequent friend known as, cold weather. That’s right, “hasta la vista” snow, wind, and blistering cold. It’s time for Spring Break 2016! So, what do you bring with you? Today we though we would share… More

valentines day gifts for men

Valentines Day Gifts for Men!

Let’s face the facts, if you have been around the block a time or two, you already know that Valentines Day may be more important to us ladies than it is to the dudes out there, not in all cases, but in most. Well, this just won’t do! So, this year, why not change things… More

portable music players

Make Noise: Portable Music Players

There are few things in this world better than music. One of those few things, without a doubt, is music on the go. Okay, so it’s still technically music but you get the point. A rising player in the everything compact, light, and movable, world that we live in is: portable music players. Not only… More