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Home Automation is the latest technological advent that people are making use of in both their homes and offices. It has provided the users with convenience and comfort and taken complete control of their basic household chores. From controlling the lighting and room temperature to cleaning the house, we are taking the help of automated devices in almost every chore we do at home or at the office.
Amazon Alexa, the cloud-based virtual assistant, has emerged out as a perfect hub for controlling several automated devices installed at your home. It is a hands-free speaker that you can use by giving voice commands to control your automated devices connected with it. Let’s have a look at different connected LED brand bulbs that you can connect with Amazon Alexa and control them on the go.

GE Link Smart LED Light Bulb, Works with Amazon Alexa


GE Link provides a perfect solution for you to control the lighting and brightness of your homes and offices. Everyone these days owns a smartphone and makes use of extensive features they offer but you wouldn’t have imagined controlling the lights of your place with them. GE Link gives you complete control the lighting of your home through your smartphones. It allows you to take control of the lighting of your home from wherever you are, you can schedule the number of hours your LED bulbs will be on and set the timing when they will be automatically turn off. These features make the most energy and cost-efficient LED bulbs for the use in your homes and offices.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit, Works with Amazon Alexa


Termed as the world’s best connected LED bulbs, Philips Hue provides you with the best way to control the lighting and brightness of homes and offices in fully automated manner. You can connect them with Amazon Alexa, a centralized hub for controlling your automated devices, and reap the extensive benefits it gives you. Set the lighting of your home without consuming much energy and create the perfect ambiance according to your mood with Philips Hue. You can completely rely on Philips Hue connected bulbs for providing you with the perfect and cost efficient control of lighting and brightness of your home.

TP-Link Smart LED Light Bulb, Wi-Fi, Works with Amazon Alexa

TP- Link

TP-Link provides multiple colored connected LED Bulbs that you can use for different purposes in your homes and offices. The brand offers you Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb with color-changing hue, Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb with white tunable light, Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb with dimmable light and many other products. All the LED bulbs offered by TP-Link can be controlled easily with your smartphones. They are not only easy to use but also can be installed without any difficulty as you don’t require any extra hardware for the installation purposes.

You can get Alexa as Amazon as a centralized hub and control all the automated devices of your home with it including the lighting of your home with above-mentioned connected LED bulb brands.

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