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December’s frigidly cold temperatures are often followed by the biting winds and freezing lows of January at its heels. Due largely to globally altering environmental factors, climate change has been presenting entire continents with unpredictable weather. In fact, according to a report released by NASA, 2016 witnessed a number of record-breaking highs and lows in terms of global temperatures.

Whether your region is freezing due to changing climate trends or not, the second-half of winter has so far proven to be just as unrelenting as the first. But is the space heater dug in the back of your closet not functional? Are you searching for a more efficient and safe piece of machinery to see you through to the end of this winter? Unsure how much a new heater may cost you? Worry not, for we have a roundup of the best space heaters currently available on Amazon!


Lasko Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

Equipped with an adjustable thermostat, this heater stands out as Amazon’s current best-seller in terms of space heaters. Measuring nearly 9.5 inches tall and 7 inches in width, the heater proves to be both space-efficient, as well as portable and easy to carry around. The product features three separate settings to maximize on noise-reduction and boasts a safety operation that prevents the product from potentially overheating. The 1500-Watt high, 900-Watt low and fan-only settings place the price range for this product around 30 and 35 USD. Lasko offers a three-year limited warranty to replace broken or damaged parts of the product.

adjustable heater

Honeywell Heat Bud Ceramic Heater

Reasonably priced between 15 and 20 USD with a product built that keeps safety in mind, this heater is compact and portable, offering two separate heat settings of low (120 Watts) and high (250 Watts). The product features flame-resistant materials, and overheat and tip-over protection. The lightweight product measures up to only 1.1pounds and can be switched on and off manually without complications or hassle. This space heater is additionally equipped with a three-year limited warranty and comes in a range of colors.


Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater

This space heater stands 16 inches tall and offers two settings to either provide direct heat for personal use or oscillating heat to warm up an entire room. Packed with safety features and a three-year limited time warranty, this space heater is flexible and discreet enough to be placed either above or below a work surface, while the Comfort Air Technology propels warm air around the room. The three varied quiet settings ensure that this space heater may be comfortably used in any kind of cold, and is priced between 35 and 45 USD. For ultimate comfort, you may opt for a similar remote-controlled model retailing at $49.99.

ceramic tower

Vornado Whole Room Vortex Heater

An efficient space heater currently priced at $59.99 is backed with a five-year limited warranty. Vornado’s Vortex Technology promises to distribute warm air evenly throughout a room. This space heater is quiet, energy efficient, and equipped with a range of advanced safety features. Additionally, this space heater offers thermostatic air control. Depending on which color you may opt to select, the price of this product may reach up to 100 USD, though general features remain the same.


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