Garrison Bespoke’s Bulletproof Suit

Businessmen traveling to dangerous places or getting involved in dangerous situations, will be glad to hear about this bulletproof suit. Garrison Bespoke, an upscale Toronto tailor, has managed to make combine ‘bulletproof’ with ‘fashionable’. If you’re willing to pay 20,000 CAD (US$19,160) for a suit like this, then you are all set to be the most classy,… More

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG

On Novemer 22, Mercedes-Benz will unveil the S65 AMG at The Los Angeles Auto Show. However, the photos of the AMG are already to be found all over the Internet.The latest AMG has a V-12 engine which produces 621 horsepower and reaches 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. More information will be available once the Los Angeles Auto Show… More

Verizon Ellipsis 7 Tablet

Verizon has created its first tablet: the Ellipsis 7. The tablet has a 7-inch HD screen and is easy to hold in one hand. A front-facing camera combined with 4G LTE connectivity is integrated as well as a storage of 8GB.This all will be available online and in Verizon Wireless stores starting on November 7 for $249.99…. More

Bernhardt Interior Company Fall Lookbook

Bernhardt Furniture Company is one of America’s top furniture companies. Bernhardt has high standards and the furniture are of impeccable craftsmanship. Then it should be no wonder that this company has won various awards for its product design and corporate performance. Check out the Fall lookbook with a lot of interior inspiration on  00   

Harley Davidson Street 500 & Street 750

On Monday November 4th, Harley Davidson announced two new models which will be launched in 2014: the Street 500 and the Street 750. The bikes are more ‘urban’ and are perfect during traffic jams thanks to the Revolution X engine. These bikes are more light weighted, easily manageable and have a low seat. The new… More

MEMI: Made by women for women

This Kickstarter project, called MEMI, is a smart bracelet which is slightly different from a smart watch. The MEMI bracelet has an integrated Bluetooth technology linked to your smartphone. This makes the bracelet vibrate silently when you receive important phone calls. MEMI is created by two women who understand the importance of a smart bracelet… More

Who is Nicholas Ghesquière?

On November 4th,2013 Louis Vuitton announced the new Creative Director of womenswear. Nicholas Ghesquière will be taking the position which previously was occupied by Marc Jacobs.  The 42-year-old was the former creative director at Balenciaga until November last year. His first collection for Louis Vuitton will appear in autumn 2014. We are curious! 00