Hoverboards: Why Walk When You Can Fly?

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, people are actually zooming around on their own two feet. Yep, the increasingly popular Hoverboards have reached planet earth. Do you need to join the Hoverboard movement? Let’s start at the beginning and see if you can make a case for yourself.   So, what are… More

BUDDY: Best Robots for the Home

Overtime, technology for the home has improved by cost, function and availability. But with an obsession on “smart” objects, we overlook a different category of electronics— robots for the home. Who hasn’t wondered what a robot companion would be like? Now, it exists at a reasonable cost with impressive capabilities.  There’s just four more days… More

The Smart Water Bottle Everyone Needs

There’s a simple formula to weight loss: eat less, exercise more. However, in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle the one thing every creature needs to survive can go missing- water. HidrateMe‘s Kickstarter campaign introduces a smart water bottle to track your water consumption and remind you to drink more. The reusable water bottle, made from… More

Unique, Techy Gift Ideas for Father’s Day!

Maybe assisting your Dad with his latest technology issue is your most frequent conversation. Nevertheless, you love him and he loves his gadgets. Here’s our list of the best tech gifts for Dad- perfect for Father’s Day on Sunday, June 21.  Consider including a “coupon” for unlimited tech help for set up and troubleshooting! Check… More