The Hug Chair By Illian Millinov

When you are in love, you want to be as close as possible to that person every second of every day, right? Even when you’re sitting on a chair, you’ll probably have your loved one sitting on your lap, or vice versa. But how long will it take you before your legs can’t take it… More

Sound Blasteraxx AXX 200

The Sound Blaster isn’t just a speaker like the many other ones out there. This one will actually give you the total sound experience with its SB-Axx1 chipset, a new generation multi-core audio processor. Your music, movies and even calls have never sound like this before! There are 2 speakers, vertically integrated in one chassis,… More

Polanter Vertical Pole Planter

Do you remember the article about the Nourishmat we wrote that’s perfect for urban gardening? If you liked that concept but think the mat still takes too much space, you’ll love the Polanter Vertical Pole Planter. This compact vertical planter is more “chic” and is certainly more subtile if you plan on doing some urban… More

IndieGoGo Project: Food Cycler

At Modern Consumers, we support innovative and useful projects from KickStarter and IndieGoGo. This time, we came across the Food Cycler you can use at home and found it worthy to share with you. Did you know that each person wastes about 475 pounds of food waste every year? Shocking, huh? This is exactly what the… More