Best Virtual Reality Headsets for iPhones

Do you have an iPhone and wish enjoy virtual reality? Well, good news, there are quite a few virtual reality headsets to choose from that were specifically designed and developed for iPhones. Because Apple is one of the biggest mobile device brands in the world and the number of iPhone users is on the rise, it was only… More

Apple’s iOS Carplay

Apple is in the run of being the biggest player in the market when it comes to your car’s operating system. And as far as I am concerned, I feel like Apple is going to beat all it’s future competitors. Carplay is announced to be integrated in Volvo cars, Ferrari’s and Mercedes-Benz cars. It means… More

Nvidia Tegra Note 7 Tablet

The American technology company Nvidia, has launched a new version of their Tegra Note 7 tablet which has now 4G LTE data. This makes the Tegra Note 7 the perfect tablet for people who want to be connected at all times and who appreciate a top high-speed Internet mobile data. The Tegra Note 7 tablet… More

NeatConnect Wi-Fi Scanner

This $499 scanner from NeatConnect enables you to scan without Wi-Fi to services like NeatCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Skydrive and Evernote. The NeatScanner is very user-friendly: simply put your documents into the scanner (it’s marked where you should place the documents) and upload them to your selected account. A simple scanner to make your life… More