portable music players

Make Noise: Portable Music Players

There are few things in this world better than music. One of those few things, without a doubt, is music on the go. Okay, so it’s still technically music but you get the point. A rising player in the everything compact, light, and movable, world that we live in is: portable music players. Not only… More

Amazon Echo Reivew

Sorry Siri, We Love Alexa More

All right Siri, you have some competition my friend. Today I would like to introduce all modern consumers to the latest hands free, soon to become your best friend, and extremely personified, speaker device. Created by none other than the renowned team of Amazon, I present to you, my Amazon Echo review. Get ready for… More


When we look at this image we can’t help thinking about secret agents, high tech devices… pizza (everything comes to pizza). Now, we have to start being familiarized with these devices called Drones because they are giving “Delivery” a whole new meaning. Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com founder, announced that his new company “Amazon Prime Air” is… More