Magnus Walker is Making Porsche Even More Amazing

Magnus Walker, AKA the Urban Outlaw, has to be one of the most seriously die-hard Porsche lovers alive. Walker has collected over 40 vintage Porsche 911s but he’s taken it beyond simply acquiring the automobiles. He first developed his design aesthetic with his punk clothing brand, Serious Clothing, which started when he bought a $10… More


When we look at this image we can’t help thinking about secret agents, high tech devices… pizza (everything comes to pizza). Now, we have to start being familiarized with these devices called Drones because they are giving “Delivery” a whole new meaning. Jeff Bezos, founder, announced that his new company “Amazon Prime Air” is… More

Meet Jibo, a social robot for the home!

Because of the high pricing and limited functionality, robotic technology is in a slow and challenging development path. There are some smart robotic appliances in market, but one common weakness they share is that they are all single-use, dumb and hereby a little bit boring. Well, maybe Jibo can finally change this. Jibo is considered… More

What technology means to the Millennials

Looking at the timeline of technology inventions and social media development, you will know how technology grew alongside with the Millennial generation. The world’s first generation commercial cell phone, weighing almost two pounds, was a big birthday gift for a high school teenager on his/her16th birthday; then the iPhone emerged as they celebrated his/her 25th…. More

The Microwave’s Mega Redesign

The microwave received a long awaited makeover from designer Jake Rich. Approximately the size of a large plate, the Mediumwave is a round, portable microwave. However, Rich wasn’t simply trading a rectangle shape for a pod design. Instead of buttons showcasing a variety of features, the Mediumwave works more like a stove top with just… More