Nissan Smart Rearview Mirror

Have you ever had that problem when you look into your car’s rearview mirror and the passenger’s head in the backseat is in the way? If you have, you’ll be thankful for Nissan’s Smart Rearview Mirror. The smart rearview mirror is world’s first LCD monitor that has both clear visibility at all times and the… More

The Smell Camera

People want to capture every moment of their life and show it with everybody. The need of sharing pictures, in social media is growing each and every day. Taking pictures is a way to remember precious moments, but sometimes an image is not enough. When we see pictures of food, flowers or even of a… More

NTS SunCycle Electric Bike

Electric bikes are nothing new anymore. But the SunCycle has something that makes it one of a kind: integrated photovoltaic panels that use sunlight to recharge its battery. Within 8 hours, your bike is fully charged. Although the panels add an additional weight to the bike ( adding 2 lb or 907kg), it is a 100%… More