Ruphus Podpad

Living small doesn’t mean you don’t have enough space. You just have to manage it better. Based on this philosophy, the Ruphus Podpad was born.  The Ruphus is a modern workplace with doors so you can close everything when you’re not working – that saves a lot of space! The Podpad also has built-in speakers,… More

Roberto Cavalli Chocolate Boxes

Once in a while, it’s allowed to have a few (or more!) dessert treats. And what’s better than chocolate? The only thing better than chocolate, is chocolate in a packaging of designer Roberto Cavalli! The packaging is so pretty that I suggest using it as an ornament in your living room. And the chocolates themselves,… More

Wearable Solar

The Dutch fashion designer, Pauline Van Dongen, showed the world that solar systems can also be worn fashionably. Van Dongen designed two prototypes, a coat and a dress, have integrated solar cells that can be folded away when the energy is not directly needed. To give you more insight in how much power these solar… More

Instax Mini 8

The Instax Mini 8 Camera gives you an instant Polaroid feeling! The cute mini camera’s print your picture instantly with an 62 x 46 mm size. The Instax knows perfectly what kind of lighting is suited the best for your pictures. And the best part of all? It less than $100!  For more information, click here. … More