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Cool iPad Accessories that Make You Want to Use Ipad Again

While the cellphone screen gets bigger and laptop becomes more portable, iPad seems like stuck in an awkward position among Apple family. It is highly possible that your old iPad is all dusty since you have deserted it for a long time. Check out what we have found you on Amazon. These cool iPad accessories will sure to rekindle your love and excitement for this fun product!


Cool iPad Accessories from Amazon


1. IPEVO PadPillow Stand ($21.56)

cool ipad accessories - ipad pillow

The comfy, cozy iPad pillow is perfect for those days when you don’t feel like tables. The triangle design makes it stand perfectly on all materials, lounge floor, dorm beds, your stomach or legs too (while you are lazy laying down)! It can also act as a soft pillow when you need a quick nap.


2. Kitchen Tablet Mount Stand ($30.99)

cool ipad accessories - stand

It is annoying that there is no place to hold your phone up when you are new to the kitchen, trying to follow online cooking instructions. This adjustable tablet stand makes your learning journal much easier; in addition, the mounting brackets can offer you a high-level viewing angle. No worries, the set comes in with anything you need to install and position the mount.


3. iPad Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case ($55.99)

cool ipad accessories - keyboard

Though you probably excel in typing on the virtual keyboard, sometimes it is nice to write on the real one and hear the “tac tac”. This special keyboard case provides both protection and comforts. Moreover, the keys are equipped with backlights, so that you don’t scared of typing in the dim environments anymore. 7 different backlit colors, 3 brightness levels, choose the one you like!


4. Bamboo Bathtub Tray with Extending Sides ($34.99)

cool ipad accessories - bathtub tray

Taking a bath is one of the best ways to get relaxed. How to make your bath experience even better? How about watching a movie that has always been on your list for a long time and drinking a cup of good wine at the same time? This eco-friendly bamboo bathtub tray holds all your favorites, and it is fully adjustable to any bathtubs.


5. Gamevice Controller Gamepad ($99.95)

cool ipad accessories - gamepad

Are you the one who loves to play games on digital devices? I bet you have felt your eyes are getting so dried and tired after staring at the small cellphone screen for a while. Big screen, like IPad, is much better for both game performance and your eye health, and this controller designed handle helps to bring you the perfect game experience.


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