5 Cool Photography Accessories

Photography has become one of the most common hobbies, especially with the growing popularity of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Many DSLR cameras and even smartphone cameras produce great quality photos, but why not make them look better? These cool photography accessories will help you step up your photography game.


5 Must-Have Accessories for Photographers


JOBY GorillaPod Focus with Ballhead X Bundle ($102.71)

cool photography accessories gorillapod


Photographs you once thought were impossible are now possible with JOBY GorillaPod. This cool photography accessory allows you to see life from a different point of view. The tripod is light, easy to move, and has a strong grip that can wrap around almost any structure. You can finally get those shots from places your body cannot fit in.




Orangemonkie Foldio2 15-Inch Folding Portable Lightbox Studio ($82.97)

cool photography accessories folding portable studio


The folding portable studio works great for both DSLR and smartphone cameras. The studio is a 15-inch cube, which makes for an easy setup. You don’t need an entire studio set with a bunch of lighting for professional looking photos for small to medium-sized products. The studio comes with LED lights, and you control the brightness to fit your needs.




Xenvo iPhone Camera Lens Pro ($59.99)

cool photography accessories phone camera lens

For those who love to take pictures with their smartphone and don’t like carrying around a DSLR, this cool photography accessory is perfect for you. The Xenvo iPhone Camera Lens clips right on to your smartphone camera. You can zoom in on photos without seeing the low resolution you normally do on smartphones. It’s not only for iPhones, Android users can use this as well.




Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote Controller

cool photography accessories wireless remote



Sometimes you have to get in really awkward positions to get the perfect shot. A wireless remote is a useful accessory almost every photographer should have. Set up your camera on the ground, a ledge, or the Gorillapod so you can avoid those awkward, uncomfortable positions. You could even take a selfie when there’s nobody else around to take your picture.




Tiffen Photo Essentials Kit ($35.30)

cool photography accessories lens filter


The Tiffen Photo Essentials Kit features UV protected, a color warming, and polarizing glass filters. Save the time of editing your photo and use these filters as you’re taking the shot. The difference is unreal. There are various lens sizes to choose from.


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