Cyclean Self-Sanitizer For Public Transportation Handgrips

What I dislike most about public transportation, is when it’s crowded and you have no choice but grab those greasy, full-of-bacteria handgrips. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like many people share my disgust and want to wash and sanitize your hands ASAP after leaving the train/bus/…

I came across an article about the Cyclean self-sanitizer, a small device that could have a huge impact on our health by preventing germs to spread via handles.

The Cyclean is a handle with a built-in self cleansing strap: “The handle strap can be rotated through a small plastic chamber that contains a rough sponge, a cleaning and disinfecting agent, and rollers,”.


In my opinion, public transportation can start installing the Cyclean today! It would certainly give many people peace of mind knowing germs are getting killed.

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