Unique Desk Decoration Ideas

Whether empty walls or dull views hinder your spirit at the office,  make your desk your own with these work desk decoration ideas.


Trinket Box

Keep rubber bands, paperclips or keys in a fashionable desk statement box.

Jonathan Alder, Turtle Box- $295

brass turtle box


Depending on sunlight conditions, you can find a small plant and pot to make your office come to life. In lowlight situations, opt for bamboo or peace lillies. In sunnier spots, try a cactus or succulent.

Light and Ladder, GRAPHYNE Stoneware Planter- $120

desk planter pot




Keep your coffee mugs and water cups from leaving rings around your desk. If you don’t need a whole set, keep some on your nightstand at home.

Rab Labs, Lumino Coaster Eggplant and Gold- $140



Express yourself even before you’ve finished your first cup of coffee with a mug that represents your style or interests.

kate spade zoo drive mug, parrot- $20

kate spade coffee mug



Stacks of paper look intimidating. Keep them still while adding color to your office with unique paperweights.

Rab Labs, Amethyst Interno Paperweight- $92




If you’re going to look bored, you might as well look sophisticated. Keep a little game on your desk to welcome coworkers or divert creative blocks.

Jonathan Alder, Tic Tac Toe set- $195

tic tac toe set for office decoration


Book Accessories

Update your library look with bookends that can tie your office together.

L’Objet, Bamboo bookends and book rest- $475 and $475

book ends and bookrest




Before getting started, pick a color scheme for consistently. For this article we chose gold, white and purple. Not every item has to match, but it will keep your desk looking purposeful rather than cluttered. How else do you decorate your office space? Do you have a color scheme in mind? Comment and let us know- we’d love to help you!

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