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Gift for Myself: It is OK to be Single Tomorrow

Tomorrow can be a bittersweet day. There will be an explosion of cheesy flower and chocolate pictures on Instagram. We might not have valentines at the moment, but we can always buy ourselves some cute gifts and sweet surprises. Check out the list of Valentine’s Day gift-for-myself. Happy happy single valentine’s day!


❤️ Gift for Myself List ❤️


Sunology Small Flamingo Neon Desk Lamps ($28.95)

gift for myself - lamp

Girls are never too old for pink flamingos. This small neon lamp is perfect for all surfaces. It can be connected via the USB port and battery for on-the-go needs. Bring it to your next girlfriend party! Sure everyone will enjoy it.


Sleep Fountain Anti Aging Sleep Mask with Copper Ion Technology ($27.00)

gift for myself - sleep mask

After working or studying all day long, our body, especially our eyes, needs some rest. This specialized eye mask has been clinically approved to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and puffy eye in less than 4 weeks. The copper ion helps to reactive skin cells as you indulge in beauty sleep.


LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs ($26.80)

gift for myself - soap bomb

Bathing can be the best way to get a full body relaxation. How about adding some fun to it? Try this set of 12 handmade shea and coconut butter bath bombs, scents include black raspberry vanilla, kiwi & strawberry, lemongrass green tea, and more! Individually wrapped, and the color won’t stain your tub.


JBL GO Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($34.98)

gift for myself - speaker

Smaller than your hand, less than 50 bucks, multiple bright colors to choose, how can you resist JBL GO speakers? Although the look is one of the most important factors when women shop, it is absolutely the best when one stone kills two birds, having design and quality at the same time.


Modelones Gel nail Starter Kit ($39.99)

gift for myself - nails kit

We all love nail arts, but it can be quite costly when we go to the salon 3 times a month. This starter gel nail kit is perfect for beginners to apply at home. It comes in with everything you need: nail dryer, base/top coat, manicure kit, and 4 glitter gels. You can totally pro with it.


Inviktus Birds Tree Jewelry Stand ($13.99)

gift for myself - jewelry hanger

I bet every girl has experienced the struggle of getting pieces of jewelry tangled. Extremely annoying when you are rush in time. This cute tree-shaped jewelry stand will help you to organize your cute accessories.


East Hong Yoga Leggings ($18.99)

gift for myself - yoga pants

Keeping fit and healthy should be a lifetime goal. We don’t lose weights for boys; we do it for our own happiness and satisfaction. Pick a pair of comfortable leggings and go for a run under the sunshine!


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