Gift Ideas for Older Brothers

Brothers are like buddies and they also act as your guardian. You share some of the best times of your life with your brother. There may be a fight between you, differences but most importantly, there is undying love between you two you cannot deny. You may at times, want to make your brother happy and tell him how much you love him and gifts are the best way to express love and show respect. For older brothers, the gift choices are limited as he is not into toys and stationery anymore and buying a gift becomes difficult. To help you with this cause, here we will discuss gift ideas that can help you get the best gift for your brother.

Portable Chargers


Older brothers are always into chatting and texting with their friends and social circle. The batteries of their devices can easily get low and they may have to sit near a socket to keep using their devices. That is why portable chargers can be a good option for your brother. They are also known as power banks so you can get a good one for him and make him feel relax. With a portable charger, he would no longer have to sit near to a socket.

Subscription to NY Times

NY TImes

As the age grows, brothers in particular start taking interest in news. You would see them quite often watching news channels and reading newspapers. As a birthday present, you can buy a subscription to New York Times for your brother. This is a perfect gift you can give to your brother and help him stay informed of all the happenings around the world.

Shaving Kit

Shaving Kit

Have you seen your brother bumping his head on the wash basin because of an old shaving razor? As a gift, you can give a new shaving kit to your brother. Not only it will help him save time but it will keep reminding him that you gave him this as a present. Each time he would use it, he would love you for that. You can also get good quality electric shavers and trimmers for your brother.



Are you tired of your brother putting books on the desk without any sort of arrangement? Here’s what you can do to get rid of it and make him arrange his books in a good manner. There are different book ends available you can give to your brother. These bookends make it easier to arrange books and present them in a nice way. Your brother’s desk can now look clean and tidy. These come in various designs so you can choose the one your brother likes.
These are 4 best gift ideas for brothers. You should remember that the idea of giving gifts is to express your love to your brother. Having that in mind, whatever you choose can be a good gift but these options can be the best.


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