ICYMI: Funded, Succesful Kickstarter Projects

Kickstarter is responsible for creating popular technological devices, movies, music and more. As a fundraising website, it has been responsible for helping entrepreneurs introduce creative projects for consumers. Here’s a look at four successfully funded projects you may have missed, all of which are available for sale.


Windowfarms brings garden plants to your apartment window. The website recommends growing kale, basil, dill, strawberries, lettuce, squash and peas- forgoing root vegetables (potatoes) or large vegetables (corn). In addition to selling Windowfarms online, fans can also buy seeds, nutrients and accessories.



LIFX light bulbs allow people to control their lighting from their smartphone. Whether adjusting the light bulb color from 16 million shades or turning off all of the lights in the house with one button- LIFX introduces a variety of fun and helpful features. It takes one person to change a lightbulb (just screw out your old light bulb and screw in your LIFX) and welcome your home, restaurant, or club to the modern world.



Elevation Lab offers a bedside or office friendly docking experience for Apple smartphone owners. Built out of a single piece of aluminum, the quality product’s suction capabilities and weight help make docking a less annoying experience- working with or without a phone case and only requiring one hand. The angle is ideal for responding to notifications without straining your charging cord as well as receiving Facetime calls. Since it’s appearance on Kickstarter, Elevation Lab has offered an updated version.

ElevationDock 2 from ElevationLab on Vimeo.



Show off your infused cocktails, oils, teas on your kitchen table with Porthole, designed by Crucial Detail. The glass container allows elaborate displays to transition into a serving tool. Impress guests with designs and flavor with this beautiful, functional center piece.

What are some of your favorite Kickstarter-funded projects? Which product above would you be most interested in purchasing?

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