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Party Must-Haves For Your Long Weekend Fun

There is always a debate going on, whether Sunday night or the Monday morning is the worst time of the week. But no matter which side you support, we don’t need to fight about it next week since it is the long weekend! Already have a party plan in mind? You should definitely check out these party must-haves from Amazon. Let’s take a look!


Party Must-Haves Gadgets


Nostalgia Chocolate Fondue Fountain ($35.01)

party must have - chocolate fountain

Chocolate fountain has to be the top fun snack machine that people want to have at parties. Serve your guests with fresh strawberries, melons, pretzels, marshmallows, and other goodies for dipping. The cascade of chocolate just adds so much fun and sweet aroma to the party.


West Bend Popcorn Popper ($29.99)

party must have - popcorn popper

Who does not like popcorn? This popcorn popper is a great gadget to have no matter you are having your very own movie night or throwing a fun weekend party. The nonstick inner plate is made for easy cleanup, and the lid can easily act as a food container. Put some butter & sparkles on top and enjoy the yummy golden color!


Nostalgia Vintage Snow Cone Maker ($28.09)

party must have - snow cone maker

Party time can become extremely hot towards the end, how about having some frozen sweets to refresh your mind? Simply fill the top with normal ice cubes, secure the lip, and make your own flavored shaving ice. The vintage design helps to add some extra fun to the DIY time.


Nostalgia Chocolate & Caramel Apple Party ($27.99)

party must have - apply party

Other than chocolate covered fruits and snacks, caramel flavored treats sound tasty as well. Great for family time and kids party. The set comes in with a melting pot, 6 topping trays, 4 apple decorating trays and 25 apple sticks. Could not think of a sweeter project.


Tovolo Monsters Pop Molds ($12.92)

party must have - ice pop molds

Compare to high-calorie chocolate ice cream, homemade healthy popsicles seem like a great substitution. Instead of the regular round-rectangle shape, Tovolo has brought us 9 fun ones, including monster, Tiki, robot, sword, zombie, Yeti, dinosaur, penguin, and human finger. The silicone material makes it easy and fast to remove.


Nostalgia Vintage Snow Cone Maker ($23.99)

party must have - cotton candy maker

The last recommended gadget also comes from brand Nostalgia. With the vintage cotton candy machine, you will be the most popular person in the party. Simply put in some floss sugars to create the delicious fluffiness. The special extractor also works with hard candies.


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