The Hug Chair By Illian Millinov

When you are in love, you want to be as close as possible to that person every second of every day, right? Even when you’re sitting on a chair, you’ll probably have your loved one sitting on your lap, or vice versa. But how long will it take you before your legs can’t take it… More

Poltrona Fuiano Baroque Armchair

These beautiful armchairs, made in Italy, are perfect for trendy interior design lovers who appreciate an artistic piece of furniture in the house.The Fuiano armchairs are painted by hand and consist out of faux leather. Each one of them is unique. The perfect chair to give that extra touch to your interior! Please follow and like us:0-1… More

Bernhardt Interior Company Fall Lookbook

Bernhardt Furniture Company is one of America’s top furniture companies. Bernhardt has high standards and the furniture are of impeccable craftsmanship. Then it should be no wonder that this company has won various awards for its product design and corporate performance. Check out the Fall lookbook with a lot of interior inspiration on  Please follow and like… More

Jet Capsule

The Jet Capsule is small outside but huge inside. It is so luxurious and it is beautiful decorated. It reaches a top speed with two Yamaha diesel engines. You can configure your own Jet Capsule via the link below. Please follow and like us:+20   

Cloud Lamp

Richard Clarkson is an industrial designer. He designed the Cloud Lamp, a special concept. Thanks to a LED lighting, a subwoofer and an Arduino board, the Cloud Lamp can simulate a thunder. If you come very close to the Cloud Lamp, the thunder will be more intensive. You can order this special lamp for $960…. More