Best Plants for Air Purification

For ages, houseplants have been used to decorate the house both inside and around it. Lately, however, there are plants which not only lend a modern look to your house but also purify the air indoors allowing you to have a fresh home. According to research studies, some plants can eliminate up to 89% of… More

Best Lighting with Amazon Alexa

  Home Automation is the latest technological advent that people are making use of in both their homes and offices. It has provided the users with convenience and comfort and taken complete control of their basic household chores. From controlling the lighting and room temperature to cleaning the house, we are taking the help of… More

The Evolution Door

Austrian designer, Klemens Torggler, has designed some sort of “futuristic” doors that open and close in a very special way. The doors rotate instead of opening and the corners of the two separate sections, flip a little outwards. It seems complicated, so we added a video for you so you can see it for yourself!… More