Tens: Life Through A Filter

What’s the best part about Instagram? Exactly, the filters. I bet most pictures you post on the popular social media platform all have a nice filter to it to make it just that much cuter – right? What if you could make your world as cute as it appears to be on Instagram? Everything you… More

The Body Dryer Makes Towels Redundant

If the average American household consists of 4 people, and they all use a new towel every two days, the cost of washing those towels every week adds up quickly. Also, think about how many bacteria are hidden in the towels hanging on the rack in your bathroom, you’d be surprised! Tyler Overk had the… More

IndieGoGo Project: Food Cycler

At Modern Consumers, we support innovative and useful projects from KickStarter and IndieGoGo. This time, we came across the Food Cycler you can use at home and found it worthy to share with you. Did you know that each person wastes about 475 pounds of food waste every year? Shocking, huh? This is exactly what the… More