MicrobeScope: A Telescope For Your iPhone

If you’re interested in the wonderful world of biology and like to observe plants and other minuscule creatures of Mother Nature, it’s handy to have a microscope to do so. I know what you’re thinking right now: “How am I supposed to carry around a microscope everywhere I go?”. That might get a little clumsy…. More

Polanter Vertical Pole Planter

Do you remember the article about the Nourishmat we wrote that’s perfect for urban gardening? If you liked that concept but think the mat still takes too much space, you’ll love the Polanter Vertical Pole Planter. This compact vertical planter is more “chic” and is certainly more subtile if you plan on doing some urban… More

Mimo – Monitor Your Baby

Mimo is an mobile app that tracks your baby’s health and sleep. Besides the app, you need the Kimono which is made out of organic Kimono. On that Kimono is a Lilypad attached with a turtle that connects to your home Wi-Fi in order to connect to the mobile app.  Mimo tracks if your baby… More