A Portable Printer for Smartphones

People are posing in front of smartphones rather than traditional cameras. With this trend, printed pictures have become less popular. However, the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 Photo Printer allows people to print from their smartphones instantly. Androids and Apple devices can send a picture to the printer using Wi-Fi to print an image in approximately… More

Webmail Notifier

The concept of the Webmail Notifier is pretty simple: you just plug this cool gadget into your USB and it will light up when you get an email notification. But what makes the Webmail Notifier different, is that it has 9 different colors and 10 different sounds. So you can set a color and/or sound… More

Chipolo – Track Your Lost Items

Chipolo, a Slovenian Kickstarter project, looks like a plain key ring, but it’s more than that! Beside its cute design and the 9 different colors you can choose of, Chipolo connects to your smartphone ( iOS and Android ) via Bluetooth to track where you left (or lost!) you mobile devices. Adjust the Chipolo trackers… More