Atoll SoundPad for iPad Air

Atoll just created one of the best possible covers for the iPad air – a cover with built-in speakers! Atoll has not released a lot of information for the SoundPad yet. All we know is that it retails for $130 – not cheap! For this price you’ll get the cover that magnetically snaps onto you… More

Hovding – Airbag Helmets

Hovding is not the traditional bicycle helmet you are used to. Hovding is designed for modern cyclists, it has a revolutionary concept. As one of the safest helmets on the markets, Hovding is discretely and fashionable as well! Think of an ‘inflatable scarf’, that’s exactly what Hovding looks like. On the moment you’re having an… More

MEMI: Made by women for women

This Kickstarter project, called MEMI, is a smart bracelet which is slightly different from a smart watch. The MEMI bracelet has an integrated Bluetooth technology linked to your smartphone. This makes the bracelet vibrate silently when you receive important phone calls. MEMI is created by two women who understand the importance of a smart bracelet… More