BUDDY: Best Robots for the Home

Overtime, technology for the home has improved by cost, function and availability. But with an obsession on “smart” objects, we overlook a different category of electronics— robots for the home. Who hasn’t wondered what a robot companion would be like? Now, it exists at a reasonable cost with impressive capabilities.  There’s just four more days… More

Sound Blasteraxx AXX 200

The Sound Blaster isn’t just a speaker like the many other ones out there. This one will actually give you the total sound experience with its SB-Axx1 chipset, a new generation multi-core audio processor. Your music, movies and even calls have never sound like this before! There are 2 speakers, vertically integrated in one chassis,… More

The Smell Camera

People want to capture every moment of their life and show it with everybody. The need of sharing pictures, in social media is growing each and every day. Taking pictures is a way to remember precious moments, but sometimes an image is not enough. When we see pictures of food, flowers or even of a… More


Most packaging make us waste and throw away a lot of our food and beverages. Take tomato ketchup as an example. You just can’t squeeze the last bit out of it! The LiquiGlide make this annoying problem vanish. LiquiGlide is the first packaging with a slippery surface that will get everything out of the packaging…. More

Mimo – Monitor Your Baby

Mimo is an mobile app that tracks your baby’s health and sleep. Besides the app, you need the Kimono which is made out of organic Kimono. On that Kimono is a Lilypad attached with a turtle that connects to your home Wi-Fi in order to connect to the mobile app.  Mimo tracks if your baby… More

Ratio The Fancy Coffee Machine

The Ratio Coffee Machine doesn’t only make good coffee, it also looks good on your kitchen counter! Ratio has a 1400 watt/110 volt heating element and brews up to 40oz. The wood used is walnut and each unit is entirely hand assembled and tested in Portland, Oregon. Order this month for $395 instead of the original… More