Brookstone Automatic Tie Rack

If you have many ties and belts, it can be difficult to find space to neatly store them all and easily find the one you’re looking for. Brookstone’s Automatic Tie Rack is a compact, motorized rack that rotates any way you want (clockwise or counter-clockwise) so you can find that 1 tie in a matter… More

3D Printed Fashion

Since the rise of 3D printers, there have been many great creations using this technology. And fashion is no exception. Skirts, tops, shoes and all kinds of fashion items have been created with 3D printing. Here are some great 3D fashion designs! Hoon Chung, student at the London Fashion College, created these colorful 3D wedges…. More

Circulation Enhancing Vibration Gloves

Are your fingers stiff, painful or tingling? Maybe you need the Circulation Enhancing Vibration Gloves.  The nodes that are placed on each finger, massage the pain and stiffness away and stimulating blood circulation. The gloves are made out of 92% of cotton and 8% of spandex. And after a 4-hours charger, you’ll get a 20-minute… More

Chanel Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

In Lagerfeld’s new haute couture collection for Chanel, we see a lot of skirts and dresses for coming Spring/Summer. And it’s going to be colorful! Lagerfeld wasn’t scared to use touches of neon pink in the new collection or some bare skin (read: bare belly). But we see a mix of everything: pastel colors, feathers… More

Wearable Solar

The Dutch fashion designer, Pauline Van Dongen, showed the world that solar systems can also be worn fashionably. Van Dongen designed two prototypes, a coat and a dress, have integrated solar cells that can be folded away when the energy is not directly needed. To give you more insight in how much power these solar… More