fun cat toys - feature

Fun Cat Toys: the PURRfect Choice for Every Cat Owner

Cats are different from dogs, instead of running outside and having fun in the park, they would love to hang out inside the house. However, they can easily get bored by playing with that one old toy. Now, it is the time to get them some fun cat toys! I am sure you will find… More

electric jacket - feature

The Electric Jacket that Knows What You Want

We all know Boston is famous for its fresh clam chowder, year-round fun artsy exhibitions, and…crazy snow. You can easily be tricked by the weather if you are new to the city. During the winter season, it can be sunny this minute and immediately change to a terrible blizzard. A warm jacket is a must… More

adjustable laptop desk stand - feature

Adjustable Laptop Desk Stand: Your Neck Can Finally Have a Rest

I believe everybody who has worked in the office has experienced the neck (or shoulder) pain from staring at the computer all day. Take short breaks in between and do some stretches. Our body needs some relaxation as well. Aside from doing simple workouts, we can also release our working stress by using the adjustable laptop… More

digital art tablet - feature

Digital Art Tablet for Beginners: Wacom Under $100

As more and more people elaborate new media and technology in their creative works, there has been an increasing demand for high-quality digital art tablet in recent years. However, since most designers used to draw with regular pencils and papers, many of them would prefer to choose something that is more affordable at the beginning… More

cool ipad accessories - feature

Cool iPad Accessories that Make You Want to Use Ipad Again

While the cellphone screen gets bigger and laptop becomes more portable, iPad seems like stuck in an awkward position among Apple family. It is highly possible that your old iPad is all dusty since you have deserted it for a long time. Check out what we have found you on Amazon. These cool iPad accessories… More