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Workout Accessories on Amazon

It may not be January anymore, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up on our fitness goals for 2019! I’ve collected some of the handiest workout accessories on Amazon that can be used at home, at the gym, or both!



Resistance Bands

workout accessories

This set of 5 resistance bands are perfect workout accessories. Use them for any workout: yoga, pilates, strength training, etc. Only $10.95 on Amazon!



Workout Belt

workout accessories

I know what you’re thinking: that’s totally a fannypack for while you’re exercising. I think you’re right! There’s nothing more annoying than trying to work out but having nowhere to put your phone and/or keys, along with whatever else it is you have with you. This exercise belt solves that problem! Only $9.99 on Amazon!

Medicine Ball

workout accessories

This highly-rated medicine ball is the workout accessory you need! It’s perfect for building strength, core exercises, and more. It comes in lots of different weights so all you have to do is choose the weight that best suits you! No more trying to find a medicine ball at the gym when they’re all being used. Now you can bring your own or use it for your at home workouts. $33.53 on Amazon!

Ab Wheel

workout accessories

Perfect for ab training, this ab wheel will be a huge help in getting that six pack! Only $13.50 on Amazon.

Water Bottle

workout accessories

This isn’t just ANY water bottle. It helps to make sure you’re drinking more than enough water and staying hydrated all day! What better workout accessory is there? The price ranges from $14.96-18.96 depending on the size. See all the options on Amazon!

Phone Arm Band

workout accessories

If you would rather not wear something around your waist to keep your phone in, why not around your arm? Perfect for running and exercise! Only $9.98 on Amazon.

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