When we look at this image we can’t help thinking about secret agents, high tech devices… pizza (everything comes to pizza). Now, we have to start being familiarized with these devices called Drones because they are giving “Delivery” a whole new meaning.

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Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com founder, announced that his new company “Amazon Prime Air” is going to be one of the first companies that will massively use drones for delivering packagings.

Bezos explained that the company would be able to ship from their storage centers to any home 16 kilometers around in just 30 minutes, he also said that the drones could carry packages up to 5 pounds, which represent the 86% of the normal packaging weight they ship.

Technically there is nothing that keeps this drones delivery initiative out of other services like, here it comes again, pizza.

Domino’s Pizza is another company that joins to this new delivery initiative, because why not? it is ecological, reduces costs by saving gas because of being electric, avoids traffic so it will be on time, and the most important, is so cool!

Really even the music sounds exciting! As we can see, this technology that at first we only saw in spy and secret agent movies is going to be a reality soon. So maybe the next time you order some pizza, put on your best 007 suit, put Adele on your playlist and wait for the Skyfall (literally) Pizza!