Give the gift of Tech to your Turtle Dove

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me, TWO turtle doves and some tech Christmas gifts in a pear tree! Okay, wait, stop right there! Does anyone actually want two Turtledoves for Christmas? I can take a guess that your significant other would say probably not.

To kick off December and the bustling holiday season, I would like to show you six different ideas for holiday gifts for the perfect pair, including multiple tech Christmas gifts, original gifts, and extra thoughtful gifts for the lovebirds, aka the two turtle doves I mentioned before.

So to kick things off, how do you mark the memories? Do you save photos? Do you purchase a foreign trinkets from every vacation spot? Well, say hello to the couple’s Christmas gifts of all time! Show your loved one how much they are well, loved!

This year, we are here to help you WOW your significant other and ensure that the two of you are truly the ultimate two turtledoves during this blissful holiday season, at least when it comes to gift giving that is!

Step one: Mark the Memories

Have you and your loved one traveled? Been adventurous? Don’t you ever forget about it! Give your turtledove the gift of memories spent together with a personalized wedding and anniversary pushpin map ($149)!

This gift of memories is the perfect opportunity to map out the adventures that the two of you have shared together. Don’t forget a moment! Leave a pin where you honeymooned, shared your first kiss, or even got in your first fight, its all part of  the adventure of love after all. Hang your framed map on the wall and be reminded everyday of your journey as a couple.

Next stop on the love train: Originality

After all, nothing says I Love You like the way they do it in the movies. This Christmas, be simple, be original, share the love by buying your loved one a picnic basket and blanket set ($120), not only a gift, but also an activity to share together.

This gift is full of thoughtfulness and creativity if you ask me!

Option 3: Help out forgetful Frank

Okay, let’s be honest, does your special person, well, loose things?
It’s okay, mine does too. This holiday season lets help out our forgetful friend by giving them a re-mindful gift for two!
Together the two of you will never loose your keys again! How you may ask? With a couples key holder ($14) of course!

Not only does this gift make a decorative addition to the kitchen, laundry room, or garage, but it is useful too! With this gift you are sure to be appreciated. What better gift to give than acceptance. Accept your loved one’s simple and forgetful flaw, and help them out with this charming and considerate gift idea.

Four: Technology is Always a Win

Okay tech couples, I didn’t forget about you! Calling all modern-day trend followers and gadgets and gizmo admirers, this one is for you! Does your loved one tend to over sleep? Fear not! This Christmas, give the gift of quiet time for you and your partner, with the silent duel alarm clock ($65) !

This tech Christmas gift is sure to be a winner, but how in the world does it work? Good question, allow me to explain.
The silent duel alarm clock comes equipped with two wrist bands one for you, and one for your turtle dove. The rings vibrate at specific times, just like a normal alarm clock, selected by the individual, this way, your significant other is no longer awoken by the roaring sound of your morning alarm.
Can you say, goodbye to grumpy morning arguments?

Let’s take a look at another funny gift that falls into the tech Christmas gifts category. With this low cost and humorous gift you are sure to be “that couple” this holiday. You guessed it, matching phone cases ($25)!

Now that we have matching Phone cases, what about color coded phone chargers ($25), never have the, “that’s my charger” battle ever again.

Well my early holiday shoppers, and couples for that matter, I hope these two turtle dove shopping ideas have struck you with inspiration!
I can only wonder what the Three French Hens will bring on the third day of Christmas tomorrow, stay tuned and Happy Holidays!
Have you stumbled upon any modern tech Christmas gifts this year? Let us know your thoughts, comment below!

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