Fitt360: 360 View Camera that Lets You Recall the World from All Angles

You might have heard of neckband wearable headphone, but what about neckband wearable camera? In addition, it is 360-degree filming supported. This time, you can record exciting life clips while truly free your hands and stress. How crazy and exciting! Let us take a peek at what Samsung designers have brought to us today. 4 years in developing, here comes Fitt360 – the first 360 view neckband wearable camera.

Fitt360: Unobtrusive and effortless way to capture and share your moments in 360° true First-Person-View.

 (Video from Kickstarter Fitt360 page,


  • Hands-free: simply wear the camera and start filming
  • First person view: 3 full HD cameras bring you back to the moments in a most vivid way
  • Real-time sharing: share your story with the world from all angles
  • Life-logging: embedded GPS tracks and maps your video trail
  • Bluetooth headset: you can also use Fitt to listen to your favorite song or make/take phone calls
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  • Heatproof: be able to dissipate the heat away from your neck
  • Shockproof: resist damage when dropped or knocked by accident
  • IPX6 water resistant: designed to withstand environmental water hazards
  • Companion mobile application
  • Equipped with a mono mic
  • 90 minutes battery
  • 128 GB, record 9 hours
  • Can be exported as both 360 footage and 2k footage
  • Comes in 3 colors: silver, red, and white

(Picture from Kickstarter Fitt360 page,

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Backstage Story:

  • 4 years in developing, starting mid-2014 and expecting to deliver in late 2018
  • 500+ real neck measure to come up with perfect neckband sizes for different body types
  • Product concepts born within Samsung, and the 4 co-founders are all previous Samsung senior designers


  • Is the application iOS and Android compatible? Is the software PC & Mac compatible?
    • YES, the mobile app works on both iOS and Andriod.
  • What kind of editing is possible with the app and software?
    • The editing function will be updated, possibly color grading, caption, and trim editing functions.
  • Estimate delivery?
    • October 2018. And it ships to anywhere in the world.
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360 view camera - gip

(GIF from Kickstarter Fitt360 page,

Up till today, 990 backers have pledged $381,496 to help bring this Kickstarter project to life. This 360 view camera will make its first public appearance in October. The campaign page constantly updates the newly added features and functions. Let’s get excited about how interesting the final product will look like! People never stopping exploring new ways to create and reserve beautiful moments from their lives. This is the age of technology. This is the age of innovation. This is the age of creativity.

(**Feature picture and Fitt360 camera information also comes from Kickstarter Fitt360 page,

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