Alternatives to Modafinil for Help Studying and Concentrating

In recent years, the prescription drug, modafinil, has been increasingly sought out by under pressure students in a bid to help them focus better and study harder.

The drug is licensed in the UK for the treatment of narcolepsy and it comes with a host of side effects including high blood pressure, nervousness and insomnia. So by no means should this drug be used to help you stay more alert for study.

With that in mind, our founder, Mina Khan recommends some alternatives that are safe, available over the counter or are not drugs at all.

Co-Energize Supplement for Focus and Energy

co enzympe q10 supplement for studying

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If you struggle with fatigue during the day regardless of your sleep levels, supplements like our Co-Energize one can help you ditch some of the tiredness and focus better throughout the day.

This is the main appeal of a drug like modafinil – its ability to increase feelings of alertness and thus your concentration. But you don’t need to take prescription drugs to achieve that.

Amongst the hand selected ingredients in our Co-Energize supplement is Co Enzyme Q10. It has copious health benefits including enhanced brain function and concentration.

Ashwamag Supplement for Stress Reduction and Brain Function

Ashwagandha supplement for studying

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Stress can be a real problem for students who are trying to get ready for exams. And it feels a little like a vicious circle. Exams are naturally stressful, which puts more pressure on the studying. Studying while stressed can mean you don’t focus and progress, which in turn can leave you feeling even more stressed!

So if stress is something that is causing you problems while you study, you can find supplements to help manage your cortisol levels. Perhaps the most notable is ashwagandha, which is linked with lower stress and improved brain function.

Our Ashwamag formula is designed to contribute to stress management and brain function.

Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi)

Another natural option here! Bacopa monnieri is a plant that has been used in ayurvedic medicine for 3,000 years to help with improving memory, reducing anxiety and even treating epilepsy.

Recent studies have added weight to its ability to help with brain power too. Researchers found that Bacopa can improve your ability to retain information and even help with processing visual information.

We’ve identified this as a key herb for our future product launches too given its clearly potent positive effect on cognitive function.


This might seem a little counterintuitive when you are under exam pressure. But, believe us, you will be able to focus significantly better when you’re getting the right amount of sleep. So instead of trying to dose up on drugs to stay awake, sleep regularly and for a reasonable amount of time. It will improve your focus.

There’s really no substitute for that. If you are struggling to sleep, try reducing screen time in the run up to bedtime, cutting the caffeine after the morning and staying hydrated.


As tempting as it might be to spend the day cramming, do try to give yourself the time and space to exercise. Even a brisk walk will help. It can help to reduce stress, make you feel more energized and could send you back to your studies with a renewed sense of focus.

Work to Your Most Productive Hours

We’re humans. And humans cannot be productive for 12 hours a day. In fact, some studies suggest we can only be productive for 3 hours a day.

So try to work out when you work best and build your study schedule around it. You can’t expect to study well if you’re trying to study all day long.

Natural Ingredients and Lifestyle

We’d always suggest that you only ever take prescription medication on the advice of a doctor. Modafinil is only licensed for use in the treatment of narcolepsy in the UK and its side effects can be significant.

With some changes to your day, a little self care and the help of some natural ingredients, we’re confident you can study well. Good luck!