Amazon Echo Review: For the Do-it-All Soul

All right Siri, you have some competition my friend. Today I would like to introduce all modern consumers to the latest hands free, soon to become your best friend, and extremely personified, speaker device. Created by none other than the renowned team of Amazon, I present to you, my Amazon Echo review. Get ready for the device that can help you do it all, literally.

Designed first and foremost as a small speaker that has the capabilities to fill an entire room with sound, this little device will shock you with it’s ability to help you with everyday needs, tasks, and reminders. Let’s have a look see.

Hold on, it seems I may have forgotten introductions, my apologies, everyone, meet Alexa.

My dream come true: 'Alexa, turn on the TV'

Alexa is the official name and wake word for the Amazon Echo. Say “Alexa,” and she is awake and ready to serve you. Amazon explains Alexa as the brains behind Echo, she is built into the cloud, so like a real brain she is always getting smarter, the more you use her, the more she remembers.

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Amazon Echo review of Alexa’s finest features

  • Far-field voice recognition: multiple customer reviews state that customers can’t believe Alexa always hears them, regardless of background noise.
  • Advanced audio design: with 360 degrees of immersive sounds, not only does she hear every beck and call, she’s loud too!
  • Linked to mobile Alexa App – your reminders won’t disappear while your out and about. The Alexa app is now available on Apple App Store, Google Play, Fire OS, and Android
  • Bluetooth capabilities – Stream music from Spotify, your IPhone, or your tablet.
  • Connected to home capabilities: never get up to switch the lights on again! Alexa can be programmed and connected to multiple household systems,“compatible with devices such as: lights and switches from Belkin WeMo,                              Philips Hue, SmartThings, Insteon, and Wink. Starter kits are available for easy setup.”
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 To get you even more excited here are a few examples of how Echo users are using the product!

  • Play audio books
  • Shop with your voice: Alexa remembers your Amazon shopping history, just tell her what you would like to reorder.
  • Check sports updates and game scores: yes boys, tell her once and Alexa will remember who your team is.
  • Check traffic on your way out the door: in a rush? Ask Alexa if there is traffic on your normal route to work.
  • Create calendars, check your schedule: don’t forget it’s your turn to bring in the class snack super mom!
  • Listen to music: Pandora, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music library, TuneIn, and Prime Music
  • Ask questions and get answers: “Alexa, what does superfluous mean?”
  • Make lists, set alarms, and timers: “Alexa, the cookies will be done in 20 minutes, please remind me.”
  • Check the news and weather
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7 Useful Amazon Echo Features You Can Try Out - Samma3a Tech

With a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, the Amazon Echo can be purchased on, for $179.99 with free shipping. If my Amazon Echo review has yet to convince you, see what this happy customer has to say about the Echo and her newest family member Alexa!

“I’ve never purchased anything before that made me smile. That’s just the kind of grumpy guy I am. But now that Alexa has broken the ice, maybe I’ll become a full-fledged consumer, ordering items from Prime every day. The one thing I’m sure of is that Alexa will be here at my side to help.”

Can you say, great holiday gift everyone, aka Mom, I hope you see this! What do you think of our Amazon Echo review? Do you use this product for anything interesting? Let us know, comment below!

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