Best Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers

One of the most difficult tasks is waking up early in the morning. For most of us, the ‘modern’ lifestyle has resulted in peculiar sleeping patterns. “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy & wise” is a quote of the bygone era. Because of these irregularities, the number of ‘Heavy’ sleepers has been on a steady increase.

In order to wake these ‘sleepers’ up, traditional alarm clocks tend to fail. Thus, it is necessary to use a clock which caters to these people, including me. For this purpose, several ‘synchronized’ alarm clocks are available online a few of which are listed below.

ZHPUAT Morning Clock

best alarm clock

The ZHPUAT morning clock comes with a big LCD screen; embedded with clear & comfortable Visual Sense Technology, it allows you to see the exact time even while half-asleep. The clock has the dimensions 8 cm * 13.8cm * 4.5cm, meaning, it wouldn’t feel bulky while being carried around.

With built-in light sensors, clock’s backlight automatically turns on/off as per the conditions of the room and that too without hampering your sleep. Additionally, you can set it to be either dimly illuminated or completely dark during your sleeping course. The clock supports both 12 & 24 hour time formats.

Coming to the most integral part of ‘Alarm’, the alarm sound gradually grows so as to wake you up slowly & softly without ‘scaring’ you; it seems that the manufacturer probably cares about the dreams we are in, at the early time of the morning. Moreover, a specially crafted snooze button which rings after every 5 minutes, ensures that you are never late for the day.

It is available on Amazon at a price of around $11.50 and comes in three color variants viz. black, white & blue.

Sense with Sleep Pill

best alarm clock

The name of this alarm clock is very apt and suggestive. The device works similar to a sleeping pill. It will not only help you in waking up but also help you fall asleep, especially beneficial for people with symptoms of ‘insomnia.’ With this instrument, you can play several calming ambient sounds, which will aid you to drift peacefully into sleep while simultaneously blocking disruptive sounds.

The “sense” monitors the surrounding conditions around the bed during your sleep. After recoding the data, and making it available on your android or iphone, it will synchronize the surrounding conditions every night so as to make a customized sleeping environment. All you have to do is to clip it with your pillow throughout the course of your sleep.

The device is available online at a price of around $129 and comes in two color variants named cotton (white) and charcoal (black).

Alisten Wireless Bluetooth & Alarm Clock

best alarm clock

This lovely wireless Bluetooth speaker & LED lamplight alarm clock comes with a bundle of features. This is more of a youth inspired device which gives you the freedom to wake up to your favorite song. Also, you can insert your USB drives or memory cards to save songs and tracks of your choice. A 5W single acoustic driver produces a wide audio spectrum and enhanced low frequency sounds which assist you in waking up peacefully on time.

Cool touch screen design, a long lasting 400 mAH battery, easy to read big digit alarm calendar clock, 12 & 24 hour time modes, etc. are some of its features on the never-ending feature list.

Again, this 4-in-1 device is available at Amazon for around $35. Considering the variety of things you can do with it, $35 is not too much of an asking price.

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