PUGZ: Best Earphones for Running

When it comes to our bodies and reaching our fitness goals, we as modern consumers and exercise enthusiasts go to great lengths in order to ensure we are giving ourselves the very best. We know that even the smallest of details in our exercise routine can make a big difference in our results. Whether it is a lightweight sneaker or a backpack that acts as a water bottle, modern consumer trends are pushing our fitness skills to the next level.

A popular figure, by the name of Bob Marley, once said, “one good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain,” Keeping that in mind, we are calling all fellow runners and fitness philanthropists now, because we have decided to look into what characteristics make for the best earphones for running. You may be familiar with the global crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter, PBC. Kickstarter has recently introduced the modern consumer to the world’s smallest, wireless, and charge on-the-go ear buds! These ear buds go by the name of PUGZ.

When it comes to running accessories, we think PUGZ are the first real triple threat when it comes to music on the go, or should I say on the run?

PUGZ designers actually refer to the product as the “perfect workout partner.” The PUGZ are designed to withstand rain, sweat, and wear and tear, all while maintaining the perfect fit, and charge on the go capabilities, jackpot right? The makers of PUGZ not only have the utmost of confidence in this project, they even challenge their future customers to attempt to shake the ear buds out of their ears. In a way that most earphones do, the cord connected to the PUGZ simply cannot interrupt your workout. This means no untangling the cord, no wrapping the cord around your wrist, and no making sure the cord stays securely in your pocket, a worry free asset to any workout for sure.

Here are some other fancy PUGZ capabilities, which make it the best earphones for running or working out:

    • Bluetooth compatibilities
    • Easy pairing with multiple devices
    • Control of your phone from your PUGZ – voice commands, volume
    • Leaking capabilities – hear a little bit of your surroundings while you listen to audio
    • Safe magnetic neck lock
    • 4 colors and 2 styles to choose from to suit your exercise needs

 If funded, and things are looking good, the consumer can expect to see the product this November, sending it first and foremost to the Kickstarter backers of PUGZ.

PUGZ stay in place thanks to the safe-magnets on the cord

The techies behind the product have been hard at work perfecting PUGZ since last February, when the idea for PUGZ was first developed. We’re excited, but we want to hear what you think. Do you think PUGZ are going to be a competitor for the earphones you are currently using? Do you encounter any of the challenges PUGZ is attempting to fix? Let us know your thoughts!