All of the Best Portable Batteries on Amazon

Amazon’s portable batteries are a must in this day and age. There’s nothing worse than the feeling you get when you’re out and about and you see your battery color quickly shift from a beautiful bright green to a horrible dull red. You feel invincible at 100%; like nothing can go wrong. You’re snapping your night, updating your Facebook friends, tweeting the location of the rager, and then, so suddenly, you’re at 19% with no outlet nearby and no hope and you’ve never felt as defeated as you have at that moment. Since constant movement will always stay constant and the need to use the smartphone will always be necessary, the best portable batteries on Amazon are listed below to ensure that the party, along with the Snapchats, never stops.

1. Jackery Bar Pocket-Sized Portable Charger

The Jackery Bar Portable Power Bank ($16) fits perfectly in your hand and pocket. It keeps your phone charged up to 3 times and iPad mini 1 time fully. It also includes an LED flashlight.

2. Mophie Juice Pack Case for iPhone 7

The Mophie Wireless Juice Pack ($84)  provides 100% more charge. The light-weight case features rubberized support pads on the interior for drops and hard falls, and raised corners for added protection against cracked screens. Its Charge Force Technology prevents overheating and over-charging.

3. Belkin Portable Charger for Apple Watch and iPhone

The Belkin Portable Valet Charger ($100) will charge both your iPhone and your Apple Watch. It charges an Apple Watch from 10% battery life to 100% 8 times and harges an iPhone from 10% battery life to 100% 6 times

4. Apple Battery Case

The Apple Battery Case ($97) charge your iPhone and battery case simultaneously for increased Talk time up to 25 hours, Internet use up to 18 hours on LTE, and even longer audio and video playback.

5. RAVPower Portable Charger

The RAVPower portable charger ($22) is a pocket-friendly size that powers your iPhone 7 4.5 times and iPad Mini 1.8 times. This lets you charge a smartphone and tablet at full speed simultaneously.

6. Anker PowerCore Power Bank

The Anker PowerCore Speed Power Bank ($32) may be small but it sure is mighty. This guy squeezes 3 iPhone 7 charges. Its newly patented heat-control technology ensures PowerCore Speed never overheats.