Car Tools to Have in Your Car at All Times

Whether you commute to work, or just like to jump in the car and go places, there are definitely a few car tools that you should have at all times.

You may travel for miles without running into any issues, but you should never leave home unprepared.

Who knows, you may experience a flat tire, a battery that won’t start, or even an engine malfunction. Of course, not all the tools in your car should be for emergency situations. Some of them will be there because they are practical and you simply can’t travel without them.

But because we know that you need both practical and safety car tools, let us look at the list below.

Phone chargers

car tools

Never leave home without a phone charger for the car. If your phone dies while your own the road and something bad does happen, how will you call for help? Tip #1, do make sure to have a car phone charger in your car at all times. No need to take it out of the car either!

Basic Tool Kit

car tools

A flat tire every now and then is almost inevitable. Keeping a tool kit in your car that has all of the needed tools to allow you to change a flat tire is the first step to success. It would be really frustrating to not to be able to change your flat tire with the perfectly functional spare tire right there in your trunk.

Safety flares

car tools Exploring the world can be exciting, but you never know when you can get stranded somewhere. Whether it’s running into a car malfunction while traveling to see your parents, or just taking a nighttime drive, becoming stranded is scary.

Safety flares will help you out here, as you will manage to get the needed attention when your tools for flat or broken engine won’t do the trick.

Jump Starter Cable

car tools Jump starter car tools are usually more than necessary during the winter. Car batteries don’t last forever and cold weather mixed with parked cars can affect your battery it even more. So, when re-starting up the car fails, use a jump starter cable. This car tool is a must-have, as it will help you jump start a car even in harsh conditions.

Map or GPS

car tools No matter where you go, even if you know your itinerary well, it never hurts to have a map or GPS handy. You never know where the roads may take you, or where you will have to travel next. Who knows, maybe you will hit a road block and have to find an alternative route. If this does happen, having a map on hand will be more than helpful!

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