For Denim Junkies: OriJeans, Custom & Tailored

Jeans have evolved from a work pant into something of luxury product; Escada has made custom jeans before, but with an outrageous price tag of $10,000.

Brands like Gucci and Roberto Cavalli have sold jeans for several thousand dollars. Luckily for jean-enthusiasts, OriJeans offers a tailored, customizable fit for a much more realistic and affordable price.

For $149, users can choose the cut of the jeans and then fill in their measurements so that the jeans fit perfectly. There are four cut options: straight, skinny, slim, and tapered. Ori uses raw selvage 100% cotton indigo denim from several mills in Japan and Cone Mills in the USA, so the jeans look and feel high-quality.

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Unfortunately, it seems that Ori is only offering men’s pants. At least for now, women will have to continue to buy off the rack and tailor afterwards.

While we love Ori’s concept, we’re unsure if it will beat out established companies like Levi’s or 7 for All Mankind. These companies are trusted for their design aesthetics and range of options. Right now, Ori has only 5 cut options and don’t appear to have further customizable options, like pocket size, stitching color, or type of wash. Check out the founder’s story:

“…selvedge denim! Specifically: raw selvedge 100% cotton indigo Japanese denim. It’s hard to describe how this material ages – it’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. I hardly ever take off my own pair of made-to-measure OriJeans – they have this really cool sheen and texture to them. I get lots of comments about my OriJeans and I end up telling everyone what selvedge denim is, explaining the history and authenticity of the fabric, etc. Not too many folks know about selvedge denim yet, but I’m working to change that and really make this a fashion trend.”


Levi’s has made a similar sort of step towards custom fits with the introduction of Curve ID. For women’s fit, it takes into account the hip-to-waist ratio as well as how big your seat is, and then offers the jeans that would fit the best. While it is not tailored to exact measurements, this seems like the closest option while still buying from an established, trusted brand whose aesthetic can be relied on.

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