Rite Press: The "No Mess" French Press

  • Without question, one of the best ways to brew coffee is making it in the French press. Paper filters within the regular brewing machines can take out flavors and oils, but since French press keeps all the coffee in the cup, all the flavors and armors will be kept. While we are enjoying that cup of delicious, we can be so frustrated when comes to clean up the French press after the coffee time. Is there a way to have a great coffee without spending hours in cleaning the mess? Hey, here comes the Rite Press, the right press to make the “no mess” coffee.

Rite Press, the Right Press

#1 Coffee Product on crowdfunding of all time

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“Create amazing, full-flavored coffee and tea at home with effortless cleanup in under 4 minutes.”


  • Thermometer: the integrated thermometer helps you pick the optimal temperature for the best cup of coffee
  • Timer: timing is everything when comes to using the coffee press; the built-in timer is here to help
  • Removable bottom chamber: the removable bottom makes the messy cleaning process so much easier
  • Double-wall insulation: the double-wall design delivers rich taste coffee and keeps it hot for hours
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french press - design

The Rite Way to Brew

The Rite Press Official page has shown you the easiest yet best way to make the drink. Work for both hot and cold brew, and loose leaf tea too!

  • Step 1: measure and grind
  • Step 2: use the thermometer for perfect water temperature
  • Step 3: Use the hourglass (a.k.a. timer) for perfect steeping time
  • Step 4: remove the bottom for easy cleanup
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Rite Press Timeline

  • Dec. 2015 – Idea was born
  • Feb. 2016 – 1st conceptual drawings
  • Mar. 2016 – Patent research and engineering designs
  • Jul.2016 – China team started sourcing factories
  • Sept. 2016 Mechanical engineer drawings for specific products
  • Dec. 2016 Functional prototype of accessories
  • Mar. 2017 – branding work & website development
  • May 2017 – Patent and trademarks awarded in the USA
  • Sept. 2017 – First off tool samples of french press
  • Nov. 2017 – Product testing
  • Jan. 2018 – Kickstarter launch
  • Mar. 2018 – Ship product to backers

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(All the information, including product image and video, is from https://goo.gl/56nNwa and https://goo.gl/L2F4Hg.)

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