Gift ideas for your friends who have everything

With Christmas rapidly approaching it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to buy for your friends who happen to have everything. We’ve all got them, but here are some creative and different ideas for you:

1. Lucid dreaming sleep mask – $95

Remee is a sleep mask designed to help increase the frequency of your Lucid Dreams. Through the use of  low profile electronics hidden in the mask to supply light patterns that your dreaming mind can recognize, allowing you to take control. You can buy yours here.


2. Hot cookie- USB powered cup warmer- $16

Too busy working to finish that coffee, then it’s too cold to drink? Here’s the solution! Plug it in to your computers USB port to ensure your drink stays at a toasty 122 degrees all the time.


3. LED ice cubes- $10.50

Concoct eye-catching cocktails that look even better than they taste by topping them off with the LED ice cubes. The moment they touch cool liquid, these high tech cubes activate and shine in a multitude of various colors perfect for livening up any type of drink.

4. The Darth Vader Toaster– $49.95

An incredibly topical piece for the season, why not get your friend a handy kitchen appliance. This is the toaster made in the likeness of the iconic villain Darth Vader that transforms innocent slices of bread into sinister breakfast tokens of evil.

darth vader

5. At Home Peanut Butter Maker – $79.95

For the health nut friend who enjoys their time at Wholefoods. This is a great and practical gift.


6. Magic Wand Remote Control – $78

This is a magical gift, it can learn up to 13 infrared remote control codes and is compatible with most electronics.


Do you have any ideas of other cool stuff? Let us know in the comments!

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