Gifts for Movie Lovers

We all have that one friend or family member that seriously just loves movies. Whether the movie lover in your life enjoys watching movies at home or enjoys heading straight to the theatre for new releases, there is definitely something to be said about gifts that can be purchased for movie lovers.  We recognize that each movie lover may have different interests and preferences but, we have put together an idea list of gifts for all movie lovers. When you can’t bring yourself to purchase them another movie itself, here are some other gift option ideas.

1. Subscription to MoviePass

A pre-paid, month long subscription to the nations #1 movie subscription service would certainly satisfy any movie lover. With this subscription movie lovers can gain access to one new movie (in theatres across the US) every day. MoviePass subscriptions can be paid annually or month to month, the monthly subscription fee is approximately $30.00, so just be sure to let your movie lover know how many months you have covered for them.

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2. Netflix Gift Card

One of the nations most popular ways to catch up on movies and shows these days is by using Netflix. Any serious movie lover probably knows what movies will soon be released on Netflix and when we can expect those new films to be released. A Netflix gift card is certain to help your movie lover out by chipping into their Netflix subscription fee. Some food for thought, a $30.00 Netflix gift card can help your movie lover pay for three months of Netflix service.

Netflix Gift Card - Marketa Online

3. Popcorn Machine

For those stay at home movie lovers who insist that each movie be viewed with the added presence of a bowl of popcorn, a DIY popcorn machine is definitely a creative idea. The Great Northern Popcorn 6010 Roosevelt Top Antique Style Popcorn Popper Machine ,which is featured below, can be purchased on for $149.99. The design of this machine brings back the feeling of the good old days when movies alone were something new! This product has received a 4.4 out of 5 star customer rating on Amazon.

4. Movies Trivia Game

Let’s see how knowledgable your movie lover really is, test their skills with this affordable trivia game. Movies Trivia Game is available on Amazon for $9.54.  The trivia categories include: comedy, action, drama, sci-fi/horror, and movie awards.

5. Reclining Chair

The ultimate movie watcher must have the ultimate movie watching throne. If you are looking for a larger gift for a movie lover, a reclining chair is a unique idea that gives the movie lover the realistic feeling of the theatre and the most comfortable viewing experience possible. The Coaster Home Furnishings 600181 Contemporary Recliner, featured below, is available on Amazon for $211.00.

Know of any creative gifts for movie lovers? Let us know, comment below!