12 Days of Gifts for Modern Consumers: Day 5: Jewelry & Wearables

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love sent to me, 5 Gold Rings and jewelry tech Christmas gifts!

Come on, don’t be shy. We all like our share of dazzling jewelry.

This year, I’ll do you one better, what about all the shimmer of jewelry mixed together with a modern touch of technology?

In honor of the fifth day of Christmas and of course, the 5 Gold Rings, I would like to show you 5  very special and unique jewelry tech Christmas gifts that could be your golden ticket when it comes to holiday gift giving for the technology lover!

 1. The Real Gift of Giving

For most people, the holidays are a very special time of the year. It is a time to share laughs, make memories and give gifts to our loved ones. Well, what if we could do all that, while at the same time give to those who may want something as simple as clean drinking water for Christmas?

Introducing the TUK Watch, a successfully backed and launched Kick Starter project that provides clean drinking water access to a Cambodian family for each Watch sold.

The TUK watch represents something different, it truly takes us back to the basics by showing us the power of minimalist design.

According to TUK.com the watch is simple in design and clean to the eye. The watch comes equipped with interchangeable and adjustable straps made from genuine leather. It is unisex in colors, by design, and is made with a durable and heavy duty build.

From left to right: The Das Wasser, The Maji, The Voda, The Su

If you are reading this and all the while wondering what the word TUK means, it is actually the word for water in the native Cambodian language. Inspired yet? If you are shopping for a fashionable, and on-the-go accessory this season, or if you are looking for a way to give back during this holiday, the TUK watch may be your answer.

The TUK watches can be purchased online at tukwatches.com for $150.00

2. Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Because time is an important thing, let’s take a look at another Kick Starter original watch that is changing the game this year when it comes to fancy and eye catching tech Christmas gifts, the Thesis Watch:

Unique and affordable automatic movement watches. Complete with sapphire crystal and leather straps. A timepiece for the bold.

This watch takes a different route than the last, the “be bold, make a statement,” route if you will.

The watch is unique,  not only for its’ design, but also for its’ multi-dial movements and visual seconds hand. It is made with the best of the best material, but is still affordable. The watch can be purchased for $99 dollars on thesiswatches.com, currently on sale from $120, so act fast!

Here is a closer look at the Thesis watch features and materials:

3. Luck Me a Lady

Do you have a lady in your life who loves technology, is she always on the computer saving this, that, and the other thing? If she is, this is your winner when it comes to tech Christmas gifts for the computer woman.

Give the gift of a charming necklace locket that doubles as a USB case.

Delicate Flash Drive Necklaces : USB Lockets by Emily Rothschild

Keep all of your valuables right around your neck. Safe keeps for sure. The Emily Rothschild Mini USB Locket Necklace can be purchased for about $130.00.

Close the locket and it looks just like any other classy gold necklace. Your secret is safe with me!

Emily Rothschild USB Lockets | This and That | Pulsera usb ...

 4. Keep Your Friends Close and Your Charger Closer

You are going never to believe this next one. Calling all, “I forgot my charger, and do you have a charger I can borrow,” culprits everywhere. This holiday, give your forgetful someone the gift of a charger that never leaves their side with the Kyte Key Cabelet Charging and Syncing IPhone Bracelet!

In addition to being the handiest bracelet ever, the packaging of each bracelet comes with a carry tray that doubles as a desktop organizer.

Kyte & Key Cabelet

The Cabelet currently comes in four colors and is sized by medium, large, or extra large wrist size. The bracelet can be purchased on Kyte Key for $129 dollars.

5. Let the body speak for itself

Listen up health and wellness gurus! Next up, we have the Oura Ring. I know you are a highly intelligent modern consumer, but this tiny piece of tech blows the top off of jewelry tech Christmas gifts everywhere.

The Oura ring, which connects to the Oura App is a health and wellness computer ring at your fingertips, literally. By connecting the technology to the mobile app, users are constantly receiving health and wellness updates and recommendations.

Oura Ring: the most accurate sleep and activity tracker

Here are just a few of the Oura Ring’s incredible features:

  • Oura ring knows when you are sleeping, it knows when your awake (had to sneak a Christmas carol in there)
  • Analyzes quality of rest and recovery, by measuring heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature, and movement.
  • Monitors time spent sitting
  • Monitors duration and intensity of activities
  • Scratch proof
  • Water proof

amazon oura ring - slubne-suknie.info

 The Oura Ring is available for purchase on ouraring.com. The rings can be purchased at 280 USD ranging to 450 USD.

 6. Bonus! Did I say 5 Golden Rings?

Well, that may be how the song goes, but this last dazzling ring is too good to miss. Check out our sixth must have when it comes to jewelry tech Christmas gifts.

Do you have a young woman in your life who is obsessed with all things mobile. We’ve got you covered. First step, go to the Ringly website, step two, buy a really cool ring.

Ringly GO - Smart Bracelets

Ringly is a jewelry website that believes jewelry should be stylish, but also smart. Works for me! Once you have your Ringly ring, download the Ringly mobile app and sync the two together, your ring will then begin to notify you by color when you have received a notification on your phone.

No longer does your phone need to be in your hand when you are trying to show off your fabulous jewelry.

Ringly Luxe - Smart Rings%

The rings are available in two collections. Check out Ringly.com to see the latest Libra Collection colors, and the original Classic Collection color options. Pricing begins at $195.

That’s all for now shoppers! Stick around, I wonder what the six special geese will be laying down for us tomorrow!

 Do you know of any modern tech Christmas gifts? Comment below!