Green Tea Extract Supplements & Health Benefits for Anxiety and Brain Health

There are lots of ways to treat modern medical concerns today. Whether it’s an ear infection, a broken bone, or anything else, your family doctor likely has it covered. Yet despite this, there are still plenty of modern medicines and treatments that leave much to be desired. Stress, anxiety, and other issues that might arise from stress, like high blood pressure, can disrupt life in serious ways.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to treat these issues by turning to traditional medicine. For generations, folk healers have known the best natural ways to help with stress and anxiety, such as using green tea medicinally. Today, modern medical science has begun to catch up with this notion, conducting research into the role green tea extract plays in keeping you healthy both mentally and physically. Here’s what you need to know about green tea extract health benefits.

Green Tea’s Long, Incredible History
You’d have to be living under a rock to not realize how popular green tea is around the world. It’s the one drink that’s consumed the most around the world, and it’s been that way since time immemorial. There are records of green tea being prepared dating to ancient China, back further than a thousand years in the past, and tea has been enjoyed for centuries not just in East and South Asia but around the world.

But why is it called green tea? It’s not because of its color — it’s because the tea leaves used to make green tea don’t go through the same process as other types of tea. While leaves destined to make black or oolong teas are plucked, bruised, and left to oxidize over several days to process, green tea leaves aren’t treated the same. In other words, they remain “green” in comparison. This accounts for its distinct flavor profile, and perhaps even its unique properties!

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Green Tea Health Benefits
Whether it’s in the form of a nice cup of freshly-brewed green tea or in a nutritional supplement such as green tea extract, the health benefits of green tea are manifold. Here are just a few of the ways that green tea has been used by traditional healers for thousands of years, and how modern medical science has begun to find mounting evidence to prove traditional practitioners’ claims!

Green Tea for Stress Reduction
Stress relief and reduction is crucial for anyone today in modern life. There’s been lots of research into how green tea extract can help provide a little stress relief in your life, and an amino acid known as L-Theanine, which is contained in green tea leaves, has been found to reduce both psychological and physiological stress response in the past.

Green Tea for Anxiety
Anxiety and stress are two different things, believe it or not. You can be stressed out and not anxious, but if you have anxiety you certainly have stress as well. That’s why drinking green tea, or taking a green tea extract is also an excellent way to help relieve that anxiety you might be feeling. In fact, research has compared the efficiency of the components in green tea and the effect traditional anxiety medication has on the body, with green tea performing admirably well!

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Green Tea for High Blood Pressure
Green tea might not be widely considered as a good way to help control your blood pressure, but you’d be surprised just how much influence it can have on your cardio health! In fact, scientists discovered in one study that not only do green tea extracts help reduce blood pressure in laboratory conditions, they might also even aid in preventing hypertension in the first place!

Green Tea for High Blood Sugar
If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes and you now face struggling with high blood sugar levels, it can be a real challenge. But we might have some good news for you: green tea extract has been showing some real potential for helping to regulate blood sugar production and also enhance insulin sensitivity. This can lead to a drop in blood sugar levels, helping you fight the effects of diabetes.

Green Tea for Brain Health
Green tea is just loaded with antioxidants, which means it helps your body fight off aging-related oxidative stress. This has led many researchers to investigate if green tea can help provide better brain health as we age. Scientists have discovered there’s evidence that green tea can help reduce the risk, and the effects, of degenerative neurological diseases like dementia.

Even More Green Tea Benefits
Not enough for you? Green tea extract offers even more benefits that you might not be aware of. These include helping with weight loss and possibly even having anti-cancer properties as well. That’s a lot of benefit for a humble tea leaf!

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How Much Green Tea Extract Should I Have Each Day?
The recommended dosage for green tea extract, or even just a nice cup of green tea, will differ depending on what you’re taking it for. Daily doses are important, with most experts recommending at least one 400ml mug of freshly-brewed tea a day. In extract form, doses can range from 150mg to as high as 2500mg a day, depending on what you’re taking it for.

The best thing about green tea, though, is how generally safe it is. Drinking up to 8 cups a day is considered not just safe but probably pretty good for you, though if you’re sensitive to caffeine you might get a good case of the jitters. For pregnant and breastfeeding mothers it’s recommended to stay under 6 cups a day as a result. When it comes to green tea extract, it’s also considered safe to take orally for as long as 2 years at a time (there’s no science for what happens any longer than that, but it’s likely safe too).

Green Tea Extract: The Best Tea For the Job
Green tea, whether it’s in your teacup or if it’s in extract form, is good for what ails you. Get your fill today and you can help reap the rewards of its well-researched health benefits!

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