How to move with pets

So, you decided to move and take your furry friends on the road. How to minimize travel stress? Animals are more emotional than people and a crowd of strangers or moving track (source of unpleasant smells and sounds) can scare them dreadfully. However, with good preparation, the influence of these factors can be smoothed out. Trust the experience of marin country movers who help of moving for over a decade, and share some moving tips.

Preparations before the moving

If you have a little time before the moving date, do some preparation:

  1. Help four-legged family members get used to the pet carrier. Put an open carrier in a convenient place of your apartments, lay a soft cloth there, put the pet’s favorite treat inside. 
  2. After the pet gets comfortable with the carrier, start to go outside and take short rides in a car.
  3. Plan your route beforehand. If your moving process will take long, think about taking breaks to ease the journey.
  4. Play with your pet while packing cardboard boxes, it will reduce the stress.
  5. On a moving day keep your furry friend away from the open doors to prevent them from escaping in panic. 

Which transportation method is better to choose for pets?

If you can choose options, the best way of moving with your pet is a car. Being close to your cat or dog, you can always keep an eye on your pet and take all necessary actions immediately.

Sometimes flight is the only way to get to your destination. In this case, study all regulations thoroughly and give preference to airlines with the carry-on option.

Settle your new house

Getting acquainted with a new place can be overwhelming to your pet. To reduce stress factors you should:

  • make sure that new apartments are safe for your pet:
  • organize pet’s own area with the familiar belongings in the calm place;
  • take a few days to spend at home to smooth the process of adjustment;
  • return to normal routines of feeding, walking, and playing as soon as possible.