Car Technology Gone Smart, hum by Verizon

What if I told you that being a modern shopper could also mean being a safe shopper? What if I told you that a new piece of car technology could change your life when it comes to driving. With the new hum by Verizon, those questions I just mentioned, can become reality.

Let’s talk cars, smart cars. Do you own a vehicle? Have you ever driven a vehicle? Have you ever been a passenger in a vehicle? If you answered yes to any of these questions or if the general feeling of safety and control in your car is important to you, than hum by Verizon is for you. Hold on to your steering wheel shoppers, your car is about to get a whole lot smarter.

So, what is hum? Hum by Verizon is the latest piece of modern technology… for your car.


According to, this savvy piece of car technology “turns any car into a smarter, safer, and more connected car.” Not too shabby.

car technology

Although it’s not everyday that we need emergency vehicle assistance, or even an oil change, what about the few days that we do? “Should of, could of, would of,” is never the answer when it comes to vehicle related safety.

Before I go on, take a second and think about the potential problems that can occur while in your car, some frustrating, some frightening, some fixable, and some well, not so fixable. If you consider yourself a safe driver, or if you would like to become a safer driver with the help of modern technology, check out the features below. Here is what the hum by Verizon can do for you!


  • 24/7 pinpoint roadside assistance, uses GPS to let help find you
  • Diagnostic updates (for those of us who can’t interpret the symbols on our dashboard other than knowing something is wrong) Makers say this is a great way to catch minor problems before they turn into major ones.
  • Notification alerts, for oil change or tire repair needs
  • Mechanics hot-line, for estimates and advice
  • Incident alerts, hum automatically calls for emergency assistance after evidence of collision.
  • One touch emergency assistance dial button
  • Reminder alerts from hum app, “You parked your car in lot E spot 7,” or “20 minutes left in the parking meter.”
  • Associated service and travel discounts, service centers, hotels, and car rental facilities etc.

Impressive for car technology right? Now, this wouldn’t be a modern consumer-like product if your smart phone wasn’t involved too, right? Hum has it covered with the hum app. The app features include vehicle maintenance reminders, repair estimates, and my personal favorite, assistance with actually locating your vehicle. After all, you’re not human if you haven’t temporarily misplaced your car in the mall parking lot, grocery store maybe?

According to the hum team, one of the great things about hum is the simple fact that drivers everywhere no longer have to choose between roadside assistance and connected car technology, the hum gives customers access to both.

The hum by Verizon is currently available for purchase at $14.99 per month. The package, which has no activation fee, includes the following features: pinpoint roadside assistance, incident alert, and vehicle diagnostics, among others. In the box itself, users can expect to find:

car technology

From left to right, according to

  1. Obd reader: “a small device that plugs into your car’s OBD-II (On-board Diagnostic) port. It’s the port that mechanics use to diagnose your car, and it’s usually found below the dash to the left of the steering wheel. “ (
  2. Speaker: “The hum Bluetooth™ speaker clips to your visor. It gives you one-button access to emergency help, plus safe, hands-free talking when paired with your smartphone.”
  3. The hum app: “Your portable hub for all things hum. It lets you access diagnostics, reminders and advice from anywhere and is available for both Android and iOS.”

If you are unsure if your car is compatible with the hum, not to worry, is ready with a vehicle compatibility checker where potential customers can input their car model, make, and year. Find out if your car is a match for hum smart car technology.

Interested? Updates on the hum product can be found by following @hum on Twitter.

car technology

Let us know what you think of hum, comment below!

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