iPhone Smart Case that Turns You into a Professional Photographer

I bet a lot of us have experienced that though we are bringing our cameras when traveling, we still use our phones the most to take the pictures since they are so easy to carry around. And in recent years, camera technology for phones have been developed so quickly. While cameras within smartphone have the advantage of being convenient and lightweight, professional camera lens still do a much better job in image performance. Therefore, here comes the SHIFTCAM 2.0, an iPhone smart case that helps you to have the cake and eat it at the same time. Let’s check it out!

iPhone Smart Case: SHIFTCAM 2.0

“A Comprehensive Set of 12 Camera-Enhancing Lenses in 1 Convenient, Portable, Phone case for Photographers. Just Shift. Point. & Shoot. “

6-in-1 Dual Lens Case

  • fisheye: create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image
  • 10x macro: zoom in for a more detailed look
  • 20x macro: zoom in even closer for a more detailed portrait
  • telephoto: make subjects appear closer to the camera and blur the background for a sharp look
  • wide angle: include more scenes in your picture

Shiftcam 2.0: un accesorio de lentes para iPhone


Pro Lens Collection: Slide-and-Click

The company has also come up with another set of high-quality yet reasonable-priced pro-grade lens (for smartphones). With those lenses, you also just need to slide and click. Finally, you can have a rest from the heavy camera equipment.

  • fisheye
  • traditional macro
  • long-range macro
  • telephoto
  • wide angle


Based on the price that was set in the Kickstarter campaign (HK$380/US$60 for the 6-in-1 set, and HK$2,720/US$430 for the 6-in-1 set and 5 pro-lens), we can assume the price for the SHIFTCAM 2.0 probably ranges from $100 to $500.

Currently, the official website has not released much information yet, but you can sign up its newsletter for updates. And since the estimated delivery date for Kickstarter bankers was set this coming May, we can expect the official product release will beFall 2018. Although the budget of $500 still sounds a lot, it still seems like a pretty good deal comparing to expensive and heavy professional camera lenses. Let’s wait until fall and see some actual user reports!

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